Bliss Media is a multi-faceted, full service marketing, public relations consulting, transformational coaching, and premium performance training company with a focus on helping clients to thrive and achieve greater success through innovative trainings, developing effective branding and PR strategies, maintaining an engaging social media presence, and creating a foundation for productive, successful, happy staff and sales teams.

We offer customized group trainings and coaching based on the science of happiness that can greatly increase productivity, success, morale, staff retention, job satisfaction, and overall health and well-being.

We work with inspiring lifestyle brands, entertainment companies, corporations with a desire to create positive, empowering work environments, small businesses, sales teams, and non-profit organizations.  We also offer one-on-one transformational business and life coaching.

Our mission is to improve the lives, businesses, and success of our clients by creating powerful, customized trainings, effective branding and growth strategies, and providing practical, inspiring tools for success, happiness, and well-being.  We work to achieve powerful, positive results across the board.

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